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Sound Off

How to Stop a Terrorist

It’s all about knowing what to look for and being prepared.

02/09/2017 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Geeking Out

The Future Is a Hologram

With HoloLens, Ori Amiga wants to turn science fiction into reality.

02/09/2017 By Erez Benari Illustrations by Hayley Doshay

Jews of Seattle

Connecting to Judaism Through Mexican Folk Music

What does being Jewish mean to you?

02/09/2017 By Josh Furman

Three Opinions

How Should We Approach the Post-Truth Era?

Make facts great again.

02/09/2017 By Daniel Bessner and Ari Melber


US-Mexico Relations Are Not Going South

The new head consul to Mexico in Seattle doesn’t think politics can wreck a good friendship.

02/09/2017 By Emily K. Alhadeff