Fall Arts

Women on the Verge

Women are the focal point of a powerful 2019 fall arts season



Chava Mirel Devotes Her Life to Jewish Song

The born-and-bred Seattle musician releases a new album this fall.

09/23/2019 By Claire Butwinick


A New Documentary Follows Yiscah Smith's Returns to Jewish Community

"It was, if not more of, a spiritual transition than a gender transition."

09/23/2019 By Makena Mezistrano


Sandra Bernhard Reflects on the History of Funny

Turns out, comedy is something you're born with.

09/23/2019 By Emily K. Alhadeff


Indecent Captures the Drama of a Production Ahead of Its Time

Paula Vogel's interpretation of Sholem Asch's controversial play comes to Seattle.

09/23/2019 By Misha Berson

Summer Fiction

Lose Yourself in Literature

Our fiction contest winners, local authors, and a bissel Arthurian legend.


Summer Fiction


Our third-place tie fiction winner.

08/11/2019 By Merridawn Duckler

Summer Fiction

Bubbe’s an Alien

Our second-place fiction winner.

08/11/2019 By Rochelle Kochin


There Was No Challah

Our third-place tie fiction winner.

08/11/2019 By Mads Golding


Everything Is Illuminated Comes to the Seattle Stage

Book-It Repertory Theatre takes on Jonathan Safran Foer’s defining novel.

08/11/2019 By Seth Sommerfeld

Summer Fiction

Recommended Reading

Local Jewish authors you should get to know.


Summer Fiction

How Yiddish Writers Influenced Arthurian Legend

UW Professor Annegret Oehme decolonizes literature.

08/11/2019 By Emily Boynton

Summer Fiction

Rachel Lynn Solomon Likes to Torture Her Characters

The YA author deals in human emotion.

08/11/2019 By Erica Sklar


Next Year In

Read the Jewish in Seattle fiction contest winning story!

08/11/2019 By Merridawn Duckler


Putting Israeli History to Americana Music

Seattle singer-songwriter Ben Fisher sings his way through the country's past.

07/16/2019 By Seth Sommerfeld


A New Generation Takes Yiddish to the Masses

Yiddish is making a comeback in Seattle as a musical, linguistic, and cultural identity.

04/15/2019 By Hannah S. Pressman

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STG Offers Special Screening of Historic Silent Film "The City Without Jews"

The film, which examines themes of anti-Semitism and predicted the rise of Nazism, will be screened and discussed at The Paramount on April 15.



Excerpt from The Art of Leaving

A sneak peek at Ayelet Tsabari's memoir.

02/18/2019 By Ayelet Tsabari


Anne Frank and Sophie Scholl Come to Seattle Stages

The two young women defied the Nazis in very different ways. Both have messages for today.

02/07/2019 By Misha Berson


Ayelet Tsabari Writes Through Her Fears

The Yemenite Israeli author spent years wandering and found her home on the page.

02/07/2019 By Tova Gannana