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You’re scrolling through a dizzying array of fashion choices online and see an outfit that you think would look great. You’re ready to buy — they have your size and your color preference. You type in your credit card number. You’re ready to press “enter.” Then a trickle of doubt emerges. Will it fit right? Will it really look good? What is the return policy? Do you have time to find something else if it isn’t right? How do you confidently purchase an outfit you find online and can’t try on first?

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Flying High
Zeekit founder Yael Vizel during her time in the Israeli Air Force. 

Zeekit, that’s how. Zeekit is an app that cleverly lets you see how an outfit available online would look on you, in the comfort and privacy of your home. Zeekit (Hebrew for “chameleon”) was developed by Yael Vizel, who creatively redeployed the tech skills she learned in the Israeli Air Force and at the Technion to the vastly different world of fashion retailing.

Yael will share her journey of innovation and Israeli entrepreneurship as the guest speaker at Connections, the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle’s annual gathering for Jewish women, taking place at The Westin Seattle on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

“We are ecstatic to have a powerhouse entrepreneur of Yael Vizel’s caliber joining us at our annual Jewish Federation Connections event to tell her riveting story,” Connections chair Yael Chotzen says. “Connections presents accomplished speakers from the worlds of business, technology, arts, media, and more. Connections is a one-of-a-kind learning and networking opportunity for Jewish women in our Greater Seattle community. With our exciting speaker and a few other surprises, it’s an event not to be missed!”

What Connections attendees will hear from Yael Vizel is how she artfully blended sophisticated image-processing technology with zippy customer experience. To try on clothing with Zeekit, you upload a picture of yourself, tell Zeekit the types of clothes you want, visit online retailers, and tell the app when you see a design you like. Voilà: you will see how the outfit looks on you. Like what you see? You can buy straight from the app, which has both Android and iPhone versions and has been available since 2015.

Online “try-it-on” features are not unique to Zeekit, but as Yael told an American Technion Society interviewer in 2015, “other solutions do not show how the clothing will actually look on you, but how it will look on a 3D avatar. Our technology gives a more accurate picture.” The app, she adds, includes recommendations, allows for mixing and matching, and you can even “use our app to ask for the crowd’s help in choosing which dress looks better.”

Yael honed her technology smarts in the IAF, where, as she told an interviewer for Israel 21c in 2015, her career progressed from programming a fighter jet flight simulator to officer training to leading special forces in dangerous ground missions. After leaving the IAF, Yael attended the Technion, from which she graduated with honors in 2010 after majoring in image processing and hardware design. In 2013, she co-founded Zeekit and serves as the startup’s CEO.

Yael isn’t content to rest on her laurels with Zeekit. Always on the lookout for new ways to use technology to benefit the world, she told the Technion Society her next company will use image processing for medical analysis. “I have so many ideas where we can use this technology to help civilization take a few steps forward,” she says.

Suit Up
Women can hear more from Yael Vizel at Connections 2017 on January 29 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at The Westin Seattle. Register at jewishinseattle.org/connections2017.
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