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Gaga, created by veteran choreographer Ohad Naharin of Batsheva Dance Company, isn’t just a style of dance. It’s a mode of movement that changes people’s lives. In anticipation of the screening of Mr. Gaga January 19 and Batsheva Dance Company’s performance February 11, we spoke with Saar Harari, cofounder of LeeSaar Dance Company and the executive producer of Gaga USA. We wanted to know why everyone who tries Gaga goes, well, gaga.

On what Gaga is… “It’s actually a set of instructions. We call it research. We start with one layer and we keep adding on to it. When we start a class it’s one big journey. During all this you become more available to energy and different parts in your body and different levels in your body and different energies in your body.”

On how it affects you… “Gaga connects your brain to systems in your body to actually make you more agile, more explosive, with better stamina. It helps you connect to your body on many levels. It’s more information to whatever you already know about your body.”

Who should try Gaga… “Everyone can dance, and everyone can use dance in their life to have a better life. It’s very philosophical. We cannot get stronger without letting go. In order to get stronger, you have to connect to your weaknesses. Limitation is not something bad. We need to react to it. Once you are aware of your physical limitation, you are starting the revolution. What’s also nice, when you do it, it’s an organic feeling. It’s what your body knew and somehow forgot. It’s connecting you to the animal inside of you.” 

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