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Image: Rachel Román

When I realized in late 2013 that JTNews, our local Jewish newspaper established in 1924, would be turning 90 years old the next year, I knew we had to mark the occasion. As associate editor, I convened a committee to come up with ideas. Who knows, I pondered out loud at the first meeting, whether the paper will be around to celebrate its centennial?

It’s a good thing we did celebrate, because a year later the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle announced that the paper would be replaced with a glossy lifestyle magazine. The decision to change formats was met with confusion, skepticism, and excitement. Some of you are wondering what you’re looking at, and what happened to the newspaper that somehow landed on your coffee table every other week.

I, too, was a skeptic. And while I miss the newspaper and my coworkers, I am proud to reintroduce myself as the editor of Jewish in Seattle. With the support of SagaCity Media, along with my talented art director Neomi Rapoport and my partners at the Federation, the experience of creating a magazine for my community from the ground up has been thrilling.

The goal of Jewish in Seattle is to showcase the beauty of Jewish life across Puget Sound. This means different things to different people. My intention is to
appeal to the diversity that characterizes our community through meaningful storytelling and stunning visuals. If you’ve learned something, laughed one time, or thought critically about one thing after you’ve put the magazine down, then I’ll feel my job has been done. If not — and all the more, if so! — please send a note to me at ealhadeff@sagacitymedia.com. After all, this magazine is about you. 

Emily K. Alhadeff

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Image: Rachel Román

Jewish in Seattle is the result of a great deal of work by many dedicated people who care deeply about Puget Sound Jewish life. The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is publishing this new and exciting lifestyle magazine to tell stories about the many dimensions of Jewish life in our region — stories that will bring you joy, make you laugh, prompt you to reflect, and build even greater appreciation for the richness of our local Jewish experience. 

We are fortunate to partner with SagaCity Media, professionals who have the publishing expertise to deliver a high-quality product that meets our goals and serves our readers. We encourage you to invest some time reading the thought-provoking features that inspire, educate, and challenge. We hope you enjoy reading about local people who are up to amazing adventures in their lives, trying the enticing recipes, and seeing pictures of your family, friends, and colleagues celebrating and working together. 

Our goal is to create Jewish connections for life. Jewish in Seattle is an important step on that journey.

Now, please turn the pages and dive in!

Keith Dvorchik
President and CEO
Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle

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