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1. The Ladineros

The local group of Ladino enthusiasts graced the cover of the Seattle Times in July in an article about Spanish citizenship.

2. Amee Huppin Sherer

The interim director of Hillel UW was elected to the board of the Good People Fund, an organization offering mentorship and financial support to social initiatives in the U.S. and Israel.

3. Rabbi Elie Estrin

The Chabad UW rabbi recently was inducted as a chaplain into the U.S. Air Force at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, an opportunity he seized once the military lifted the “beard ban” in 2014.

4. Oliver Sacks

The neurology professor and writer touched hearts with his New York Times essay, “Sabbath,” just before his death August 30. We’d like to spend one more Shabbat with him. Zichrono l’vracha.

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