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Image: Courtesy ADL

Jonathan Greenblatt

The ADL successor to Abe Foxman, who cofounded Starbucks’ line of Ethos bottled water, visited Seattle November 10.

Jis 1115 shabbat jk rowling nvuhez

J. K. Rowling

The best-selling British author stood up to a proposal for a cultural boycott of Israel, and used her character, Dumbledore, as an example of why academic channels must remain open.

Jis 1115 shabbat amy schumer ndiwlx

Amy Schumer

The actor, comedian, and advocate for gun reform and women’s issues comes to Seattle for a performance on New Year’s Eve, a Thursday. Perhaps she’ll stick around for Shabbat?

Jis 1115 shabbat david zangen cliou6

Dr. David Zangen

The pediatric endocrinology expert and researcher is making breakthroughs on genomes, fertility, diabetes, and growth. He spoke at the Seattle Hadassah gala November 8.

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