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Image: Meryl Alcabes

Rubi Cammarota

In 2014 I moved to Oregon to be my mom’s full-time caregiver when she was diagnosed with leukemia, and we moved to Seattle in January 2015 for her chemo and a stem cell transplant at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Finding the young Jewish community through Jconnect saved me from loneliness and dark questioning. The community’s embrace was moving and reminded me that I am part of a tribe that overcomes setbacks by sticking together. I can happily say that my mom is better, and I have met some of my best friends and my partner (yes, he’s Jewish!) in Seattle. Being Jewish is about overcoming challenges, being connected to community, and acknowledging what I have always felt strongly inside of myself.

AGE 31

Neighborhood First Hill

Employment Seattle University MBA Student, Marketing Professional, and Intern at Smartsheet

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