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Why We Picked It

Capitol Hill is where it all started — from Temple De Hirsch in 1899 to the bustling Jewish life of the nearby Central District through the 1950s. In proximity to downtown and I-90 — with tons of character and nightlife — it’s still an ideal place to put down roots. The Jewish population on the Hill mixes families who’ve made their home there for decades with millennials arriving in droves for new opportunities. It’s home to Seattle’s Jewish origins and to thousands of Jews who appreciate the community’s mix of artists and techies, students and families, parks and, of course, the convenient central location. Average home value: $543,300

Best Place to Learn a New Skill

Velocity Dance Studio

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Always wanted to learn how to dance like nobody's watching? Velocity offers classes for people of all abilities and interests. The convenient class times and 12th Avenue location make it easy for Hill-dwellers to come in for West African or modern dance, candlelit yoga, or investigative movement classes on their own schedule. 1621 12th Ave. Ste 100

Best-Kept Secret

Ada’s Technical Books

Nerdiness might have once been about slide rules and pocket protectors, but today it’s about precision-brewing coffee in the middle of a bookstore wholly devoted to technical books. The old Victorian house on 15th holds more than just piles of paper, though: there’s co-working space, the coffee shop and baked goods, and events that help bring the community together — the whole community. While the name seems to declare this a shop only for those deeply involved with technology, the store contains books for all levels, and there’s no app to replace chatting with knowledgeable staff over espresso. 425 15th Ave. E

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Best Gallery


When it first opened in 2007 in the center of Capitol Hill’s nightlife scene, Vermillion was primarily a wine bar with a gallery. Since then, the combination of great curation and the casual viewing atmosphere has put the emphasis on the art portion of its mission. Its website describes the phenomenon as the “appeal of an art opening every night without the crushing crowds.” Thought-provoking and culturally relevant exhibits make this a gallery worth visiting. 1508 11th Ave.

Most Interesting Shop


A shop as beautiful as it is intriguing, SugarPill bills itself as a “dispensary of medicinal and culinary herbs and spices, gourmet salts, chocolates, cocktail bitters & pantry essentials, and eclectic mercantile.” Which sums it up about as well as anyone could. Curated by homeopathy-trained store owner and well known and loved Hill personality Karyn Swartz, the shop offers a place to slow down and browse through the shelves of gorgeous gifts and problem-solving potions.  900 E Pine St. 

Best Place to Meet Other Jews


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Bagels at Eltana

Image: Aaron Leitz

Join the post-Sunday-school rush for wood-fired bagels, Israeli dishes, and even a monthly Jewish-themed crossword puzzle. Whether you’re popping in for a quick kibitz over coffee or picking up a few dozen bagels to bring home for brunch, a trip to Eltana likely means running into a few fellow Jews. 1538 12th Ave.

Synagogues & Jewish Resources

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