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Why We Picked It

How could we not note this swath of northeast Seattle for its vibrant Jewish community, dating back to the 1950s, with its hub of synagogues representing every denomination? Northeast Seattle’s long history as a Jewish neighborhood means that some of the kids growing up there are second- or even third-generation residents. Old friends and new ones can be seen walking around on the street, in local shops, and on the way to shul, giving this corner of Jewish Seattle a small-town feel.  Average home value range: $665,000–721,200

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Image: Joe Mabel

Best Park

Cowen and Ravenna Park Trails

Together, these two parks offer four-and-a-half miles of trails through a deep ravine full of urban nature. The leafy paths descend steeply from the center of the neighborhood, enveloping walkers in a world of trees and calm as they wander under the arching bridges of 15th and 20th Avenues and along Ravenna Creek. 5849 15th Ave. NE

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Best-Kept Secrets

Sushi Wataru & Salare

It is almost funny that two of the city’s most acclaimed new restaurants of last year share a quiet corner in Ravenna. But for local residents, that’s all the better: the reservations are more accessible, and they’re more likely to run into other locals. Even after The Seattle Times, The Stranger, and Food & Wine magazine have yelled about the fabulous food here, both spots remain solidly neighborhood joints. Salare offers Edouardo Jordan’s unique brand of Seattle-meets-the-South while Sushi Wataru puts out the finest sushi in the city. Wataru: 2400 NE 65th St. Salare: 2404 NE 65th St.

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Image: Eric Scudder

Best Neighborhood Holdout

Scarecrow Video

There once was a time when “best video store” would have been a category — and Scarecrow would have won that, too — but these days, just the fact that a video store still exists is a testament to this neighborhood stalwart. The community-supported store aims to “unite people with video” through its 127,000-plus-title collection of rare films, and does so with knowledgeable staff who keep alive the lost art of the personal video recommendation. 5020 Roosevelt Way NE

Best Perk

Hart Coffee

Lifelong resident David Appel counts the many good cups of coffee in the neighborhood among the perks of living here, but the best places are roasting their own beans right in Ravenna. Hart Coffee Company supplies coffee to the coffee shop with which it shares space (Ventoux), and Cone & Steiner stores. 3404 NE 55th St.

Where to Meet Other Jews

Third Place Books

You’re most likely to find your fellow members of the tribe here at 11 a.m. on Fridays, when PJ Library does its Song & Story time here, but any time is a good time to run into friendly folk browsing for new reading material at this neighborhood institution. 6504 20th Ave. NE

Bagel Oasis

Seattle might still have a dearth of great New York-style bagels (someday, folks, someday), but at least the former Brooklynites in town can console each other over a surprisingly good bialy. 2112 NE 65th St.

Cowen Park Grocery

If she could bring an old friend anywhere in the neighborhood, Leslie Feinzaig would bring them to this adorable combination up-scale convenience store and coffee shop. “I love the atmosphere,” she raves, “and the coffee is wonderful.” 1217 NE Ravenna Blvd.

Nearby Synagogues & Jewish Resources

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