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Image: Meryl Alcabes

James Kessler

For me, one of the strongest threads is a deep spiritual connection to the earth, to the unseen, to ancestors, to family, and to community. Jewish teachings, values, and traditions frame and articulate my dedication to social justice and my openness to new paradigms of understanding. I grew up in Seattle in the Jewish Renewal community Eitz Or, where I learned to express prayer and devotion to justice and oneness through music and singing. This experience drew me to Son Jarocho and Fandango, the traditional musical practices from the region of Veracruz, Mexico. Earlier this year I joined other musicians on both sides of the border wall for the annual Fandango Fronterizo to draw attention to this inhumane barrier and to strengthen cross-border community. For me, these are public musical expressions of the same devotion to justice and oneness that is essential to my Jewishness.

AGE: 30


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