Amy mook hn69su

Image: Meryl Alcabes

Employment: Editor, web developer, and designer

Age: 61

Neighborhood: Port Townsend

Being Jewish synthesizes everything I love, including science, music, mysticism, community, and being of service. I came to Torah through studying quantum physics — I’ve always been a seeker. Number sequences unfold, and there is a giant pattern. I started with the Zohar and was excited to learn more. I was studying the geometric metaphor of Torah, but the other side is liturgy. Someone asked me to read aloud on Simchat Torah, and that was a turning point — it was amazing. I take it seriously that people have been learning from the Torah for over 3,000 years. I live in Port Townsend where I’m a lay leader and I teach the b’nai mitzvah students. I love the one-on-one and I am not shy — I also love the leadership role. 

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