2017 was a great year for Jewish in Seattle — we won three awards and unrolled our website and e-news. So which of our stories were the most read? 

1. Could Brenner Brothers Bakery See Another Day?

A nostalgic rock star wants to reopen his family’s bakery. But you can’t bring back the past. By Naomi Tomky

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2. An Ancient Empire Gets New Life — on a Food Truck

A brother-sister pair in Olympia serve the food of the gods. By Pam Mandel


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3. A New Jewish Deli Comes to the Northwest — Just Not Seattle By Naomi Tomky

Vancouver’s new pastrami hot spot is worth a trip north. By Naomi Tomky

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4. Why Moroccan Jews Must Visit Morocco

We are nothing if we don’t know where we’re from. By Isobel Manon Press

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5. Is It Time to Put Weed on the Jewish Agenda?

Recreational marijuana is becoming a booming industry. Where do Jewish values tie in? By Pam Mandel

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Image: Brianna Ashby

6. Where is the Great Seattle Jewish Deli?

Maybe we’re looking in the wrong place. By Kathryn Robinson

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Image: Amrita Marino

7. Yasmin Levy Makes Music out of Madness

The Sephardic songstress has music in her blood. By Sarah Aroeste

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Image: Ali Taskiran

8. Are Zionism and Social Justice Compatible?

When Israel is lumped together with racism and fascism, Israel-supporters can find themselves at odds with the progressive causes they champion. By Talia Gillman and Udi Asarof

9. The Best of Jewish Neighborhoods

Chances are if you’re moving here and looking for community, you might start to look in one of these five places. So here they are, and here’s what we love about them.

Jis 1216 neighborhoods rainer seward park k1ef8o

10. Three Local Women Filmmakers You Need to Know

In a man’s world of film, women are increasingly drawn to documentary filmmaking to tell critical stories. By Pamela Lavitt

Jis 0217 film featured gjtplo


Runners up!

11. Seattle Has a Vibrant Jewish Community. But Do You Have to be Rich to Live Here?

12. Should We Compare the Holocaust to Current Events?

13. Miscarriage Leaves Couples to Find Their Own Rituals

14. Pastrami Loves Wine

15. Tales of Yesler Way

16. Make Your Marriage Bring Cosmic Light to the Darkness

17. When a Spouse Changes Genders, What Happens to the Family?

18. Is Washington Having a Jewish Food Moment?

19. Meet Three Chefs Changing Israel's Food Scene

20. Make 5778 Your Best Year Ever!

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