1. Take time for composition. Slow down and think through each image. Gain an understanding of the rule of thirds. Challenge yourself as if you are shooting on film, and take 10 images rather than shooting continuously without giving thought to the process.

2. The best shot is the one you’re most proud of.  Your best shot is not about how many “likes” or how much engagement it gets online. It is what you feel most proud of; it captures a moment in time just as you intended it to be.

3. Give yourself creative freedom. Explore different genres to see what is most appealing to you. Try shooting landscapes, street photography, portraits, travel, kids, macro, and abstract. Photographers should allow themselves to be vulnerable and challenge their evolving creative process.

4. Get out there. Ask permission, if necessary, and get closer than you think to your subject. This is crucial in portrait work, so don’t be timid. It’s also important to take time to get to know a subject if possible. Their guard is let down after just a few moments, and you’ll achieve a more open, disarming photo.


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