Over the past few years, Shira Lyss-Loren’s involvement with a number of social justice movements has made immediate and effective change in her community. In 2018, she worked with the Alliance for Gun Responsibility to gather more than 1,000 signatures for Initiative 1639, and she spoke to thousands of protesters at the March for Our Lives rally at Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park.

AGE 18

SCHOOL The Bush School

ROLE MODEL Her mom, Julie Lyss, and family friend Julia Greensfelder


That same year, she was social action vice president for NFTY Northwest, the local arm of the national Reform youth group, where she reorganized the way the region runs its Winter Social Action Kallah to be more engaging. Today, Lyss-Loren is spending her spare time at the University District food bank, translating signs and bulletins for Spanish-speaking customers. As she begins college this fall at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, her enthusiasm for activism and passion for supporting others will continue through volunteering with local public schools.

“I feel so much appreciation and gratitude to have been given the life I have,” she says. “Because of this gratitude, I feel a sense of pride that I can give [back] a fraction of what the world and my community have given me.”

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