What's your type?

SixThirTeens You care about so many things —where to start? SixThirTeens lets you try out different opportunities, like cooking for homeless teens and collecting donations, without a commitment. 

Giving Initiative for Teens (GIFT) You are organized and focused and just want the best for everyone. When is someone going to put you in charge? Oh wait, GIFT is! Learn how philanthropy works and choose causes to give to at the end of the year. 

The Holocaust Center for Humanity You devour history books, care deeply about justice, and want to commit to a cause. Apply for the Holocaust Center’s student leadership board. 

The Friendship Circle You thrive on social interaction and see the best in others, and you’re ready to commit. Be a buddy to a child, and apply for the teen leadership board.

JFS You want to change the world. Now what? Get a taste of volunteer work with Jewish Family Service’s many opportunities. 

Cyber Seniors You’d rather be in front of the screen, and we get that. Use your tech skills to help an elder friend post to Facebook and figure out Skype. 

StandWithUs You’re pretty organized, and you’re not intimidated by complex subjects. And since that trip to Israel, you’ve been eager to share your passion. Apply for the high school internship. 

BBYO, NCSY, NFTY, USY You thrive on relationships, and you can’t have too many friends. Get involved with a synagogue or local youth group, which can plug you into regional and national activities as well as travel opportunities. Bonus: These new friends will totally get your secret love of
gefilte fish.

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