Image: Alison Cote

On working in the toy industry

I’m actually the third generation in my family that has worked in the toy industry. My grandfather, Arthur, and my father, Walter, were in the toy industry. I looked up to my dad as somebody who was very successful in business but also was very close friends with the people he worked with.

On his favorite childhood toy moment

There were two giant boxes, and I ripped into the first box, and there was a full set of Return of the Jedi action figures. And I ripped into the second box and there was the exact same thing. A factory shipped two boxes by accident, but my parents didn’t open them, they just wrapped up the master case.

On his favorite Funko product

The Golden Girls four-pack action figure set from New York Comic Con. It was my wife’s idea. She said, “You guys should be making Golden Girls action figures.” And I think it’s so funny, right? Four old ladies from a great show as action figures, I had to do that. So we made it. And it was the hottest item at Comic Con that year.

On the role of play in work

We have a very fun environment. There are slides between each floor; we’ve got a bowling alley in the basement. It’s really important to build that sense of community. That said, we’re a small, high-growth company, which requires a lot of work.

On what makes Funko unique

People are open to the oddest ideas. We’re not overly formulaic — that’s the special sauce.

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