Best Neighborhoods

Seward Park — 49%

North End — 27%

Mercer Island — 10%

Capitol Hill — 6%

Bellevue — 4%

Other — 4%


Best Park

Seward Park

Runners up:

Volunteer Park

Discovery Park

Green Lake 


Best Synagogue

Temple Beth Am

Congregation Ezra Bessaroth

Minyan Ohr Chadash

Temple De Hirsch Sinai


Best Kiddush/Oneg

Temple Beth Am

Congregation Ezra Bessaroth

Minyan Ohr Chadash

Temple De Hirsch Sinai





Most Inspiring Local Leader

Amee Sherer

Greenstein Family Executive Director, UW Hillel

If you’ve been a student at the Jewish Day School, Seattle Jewish Community School, or the University of Washington, chances are Amee Sherer has impacted your life. For over 30 years, Sherer has been a Jewish educator in the Seattle area, and today she is the University of Washington Hillel’s Greenstein Family Executive Director. With her contagious smile and welcoming demeanor, Sherer guides students on everything from Jewish holidays to Israel, and she cultivates community among college students. “Amee inspires me and others through her tireless dedication to our Seattle Jewish community,” says Terri Green, Hillel’s director of development. “Morah Amee, as she is known to many, never stops. She is constantly connecting, reconnecting, and building.”



Louis Treiger

Lawyer and volunteer

Louis Treiger does more than participate: He leads. Business attorney by day, he’s on the board of the Samis Foundation and he’s a founding member of Minyan Ohr Chadash, where he served as the synagogue’s  first president. “Louis is a hard-working, clear thinking community leader who also understands community process,” says member Rafael Zimberoff. “Every organization he has touched has benefited from his involvement.”





Rivy Poupko Kletenik

Head of School, Seattle Hebrew Academy

When it comes to interpreting contemporary issues with Jewish values, Rivy Poupko Kletenik provides insight. The writer, teacher, and Seattle Hebrew Academy leader is a source of guidance and inspiration. “Rivy inspires those around her,” says Rabbi Chaim Weiss, the director of Judaics at SHA. “She strives for excellence in all that she does. She holds herself to a high standard and inspires all around her to rise to do their best.”




Runners up

Pamela Lavitt

"She is the most underrated person...enriching our lives with the Jewish arts, bringing in celebrities, films, and other high-quality
performances and engagements."

Randy Kessler

"StandWithUs NW includes all of the Jewish community. As the CEO, Randy does an excellent job of keeping the focus on peace, dialogue, and inclusiveness."


Most Inspiring Rabbi

1. Rabbi Ruth Zlotnick, Temple Beth Am

2. Rabbi Moshe Kletenik, Va'ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle

3. Rabbi Simon Benzaquen, interim rabbi, Congregation Ezra Bessaroth

Best Place to Volunteer

Jewish Family Service

Runner up

Kline Galland


Best Caterer

Dalia Amon

"Dahlia offers a delight in Sephardic cuisine that not only appeals to your palate, but to the heart of our culture!"

"Dahlia’s food is so delicious that when the guests at my daughter’s wedding sat down to eat, the room fell absolutely silent.  Dahlia’s food literally left everyone speechless, because it was that good." 

Best Place to Buy a Dress or Suit



Best Place to Buy a Gift


Best Bookstore

Third Place Books

Elliott Bay Books

Best Coffee Shop


Caffe Vita



Van Gogh

Grateful Bread






Best Bagel

1. Einstein Bros

The only certified kosher bagel shop in Seattle makes the U Village location a default winner in the kosher crowd, but

omnivores can go crazy with the new All-Nighter egg sandwich.

Fact: In March 2019, the family behind the holding company that owns Einstein Bros.  pledged $11 million to atone for their founders’ Nazi ties.

2. Bagel Oasis

"I go to Bagel Oasis almost exclusively for the bialies. One of their bialies toasted with either cream cheese or butter is insanely delicious."

Fact: Bialys hail from Bialystok, Poland, and came to America with Jewish refugees. Few places offer bialys these days.

3. Eltana

Eltana’s wood-fired bagels in the Montreal style have caught on not just around Seattle, but all the way to Japan. Schmear one with scallion cream cheese, and help finish the giant crossword on the wall.

Fact: Eltana’s Hidden 36 program, named for the fabled Lamed Vovnicks, works to alleviate hunger.

4. Blazing Bagels

"I grew up in NY, and good bagels are a part of my DNA.... What made Blazing Bagels rise to the top are their sandwiches — check them out!"

Fact: Blazing has an onsite cream-cheese creator named Momma who makes 14 fresh schmears every day.

Best Pastrami

1. Dingfelders

14th and Pine

"The unassuming deli on Capitol Hill stuffs two slices of fragrant rye with an astounding amount of rosy pastrami; I wasn’t sure if I should eat this towering wall of meat or rappel up the side. While meat is undoubtedly this sandwich’s main event, the minimal garnish does some surprising heavy lifting to establish a harmonious sandwich."

2. Zylberschtein’s

11752 15th Ave. NE

"Man, that beautiful pastrami—four fat slices stacked like mattresses in a fable. A great crust gives way to melting fat and tender meat. The accompanying marble potato salad is a delicious truce between traditional and modern."

3. Napkin Friends

Check website for truck locations or visit the new brick-and-mortar Schmaltzy's at 928 NW Leary Way.

"This maximalist composition surrounds pastrami slices with peppers, arugula, mayo, and dressing: Meat is part of the equation, rather than main event. With those perfect golden latkes in place of bread, you’ll want to eat this sandwich fast, before they cool down."

—Allecia Vermillion, Editor, Seattle Met


Best Ice Cream

1. Molly Moon's

2. Baskin Robbins

3. Menchie's Frozen Yogurt








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