Image: Alison Cote

On starting her own company

The craziest part is that I decided, “Okay, let’s launch this business,” and I quit my job. I found out the next day I was pregnant with my son. I was able to get my business off the ground and work full time until my son was born. I’ve been able to control my schedule ever since. 

On creating engagement rings

I get to be involved in the best part of people’s lives. I love working with the guys because there’s a lot of fear around buying a ring. I get to be a small part in this huge day for them.

On her style

I make what I want to wear, and I’ve found that other people relate to that. Jewelry has to be functional and worn on you every single day, and for me that’s where inspiration comes from. It needs to be well made; it needs to be able to be worn with all kinds of outfits. Pieces that you wear all the time should each stand for something.

On being a part of meaningful moments

A lot of times we’re translating and changing people’s sentimental jewelry into something else that’s also meaningful for them. Right now, I’m working on a ring for a friend whose husband passed away from a brain tumor. She is finally ready to stop wearing her wedding ring, so we are making it into a pendant, so that she always wears him over her heart. It’s really special that people trust me with that kind of thing.

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