Judaism has rituals for the major stages of life that go back to ancient times. In an era when a sense of community can be hard to come by, these events help guide us, support us, and give our lives meaning.

In This Feature:

Mohel Rabbi Maimon Still Stands on the Cutting Edge of Tradition

Now 98 (or 99?) Rabbi Solomon Maimon performed circumcisions for half a century.

08/10/2017 By Meryl Alcabes

Three Generations of Women Reflect on Bat Mitzvah

Where were you at 13?

08/10/2017 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff

Make Your Marriage Bring Cosmic Light to the Darkness

Forget feeling a spark. Chanie Levitin thinks marriage can bring the sparks back together.

08/10/2017 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff

When a Spouse Changes Genders, What Happens to the Family?

He started taking hormones six months before their son's bar mitzvah. Would everything really be OK?

08/10/2017 By Lisa Jaffe

Jewish Burial Rites Bring Honor to the Deceased and Comfort to the Family

The lesser-known operations of the "holiness society."

08/10/2017 By Corinne Stroum