Editor's Note

As an editor of a small community magazine, I inevitably wonder: Will we ever run out of stories to write about?

06/25/2018 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff

Jewish Journey

Finding Judaism as an Atheist

A scholar winds his way to religion.

06/25/2018 By Richard Curtis

Artistic Sketches

The Maestro Among Us

Abraham Kaplan spent his life conducting alongside classical musical giants. Today, he lives a quiet life on Mercer Island.

06/25/2018 By Tova Gannana

Sound Off

Sacred Communities, Safe Spaces

Pacific Northwest Jewish camps are raising awareness around sexual misconduct and inclusion.

06/25/2018 By Rachel Román

Jews of Seattle

Cantor David Serkin-Poole

What does being Jewish mean to you?

06/25/2018 By Meryl Alcabes

Three Opinions

Innovation Incubator

What is one area in which the Jewish community needs innovation?



Tech Support

Pogo brings carpooling to 21st-century parents.

06/25/2018 By Haley Shapley


Shabbat Dinner Guests

Recent newsmakers, guests, and locals who’d make for interesting Shabbat dinner company

06/25/2018 By Anna Edlund


Jewish Visionaries Shaping Seattle

Local people and ideas changing the face of Seattle's social and intellectual landscape, from public health and policy reform to avocado toast in space.

06/25/2018 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff


What's Your American Story?

Share your story and get featured in an upcoming issue!


Jewish Journey

What's in a Name?

A lot, actually, when you want to embrace your Jewish identity.

03/21/2018 By Gregory Gutterman Scruggs

The Set Table

Bread and Friendship

Challah Friends started as tzedakah, but it's become much more than that.

03/21/2018 By Rachel Román

Three Opinions

#MeToo and the Jews

How can Jewish values inform the national reckoning?

03/21/2018 By Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg and Shira Kaufman Illustrations by Sefira Ross


This Summer, Hit the Road in a Peace Van

And don't forget to Instagram it.

03/21/2018 By Haley Shapley

Jews of Seattle

Connie Kanter

What does being Jewish mean to you?

03/21/2018 By Meryl Alcabes

Test Your JQ

Bring Meaning to Passover with a Poem or Two

Take the road less traveled and put a poem on the seder plate.

03/21/2018 By Rivy Poupko Kletenik

Jewish Connections

How the Federation Helps Create a Culture of Philanthropy

LIFE & LEGACY helps Jewish organizations plan for the future.

03/21/2018 By Jim DiPeso

Jewish Connections

#NWIsraelFest Hopes to Unite and Inspire

Celebrate Israel's 70th birthday with a weeklong party.

03/21/2018 By Jim DiPeso

Sound Off

A Local Veteran Strives to Honor Every Fallen Jewish Service Member

Ellis Corets remembers the forgotten.

03/19/2018 By David Laskin



Learn how to participate in the American Jewish War Heroes Yahrzeit program.