Jewish Connections

The Advanced Leadership Development Program Graduates Build Skills and Connections

The next generation of local leaders steps up.

06/16/2019 By Jim DiPeso


Sephardic Adventure Camp Fortifies an Endangered Culture

What started as a community camp now attracts children and teens from around the world.

06/16/2019 By Bryan Cohen

Sound Off

Teri Citterman Coaches Executives to Lead Fearlessly

And it involves getting a little uncomfortable.

06/16/2019 By Emily Boynton

Jews of Seattle

Abby Brockman

What does being Jewish mean to you?

06/16/2019 By Meryl Alcabes

Jewish Connections

The Jack J. & Charlotte Spitzer Young Leadership Award Enables the Next Generation to Excel

The Spitzer family leads by example.

06/16/2019 By Jim DiPeso

Sonic Youth

Which Extracurricular Should I Do?

Take our quiz!


Sonic Youth

Mario Falit-Baiamonte

06/13/2019 By Claire Butwinick

Sonic Youth

Fay Koyfman

06/13/2019 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Sonic Youth

Four Ways to Handle Conflict on Campus

What do you do when you encounter anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in college?

06/13/2019 Illustrations by Rami Neimi

Sonic Youth

Shira Lyss-Loren

06/13/2019 By Claire Butwinick

Sonic Youth

Jamie Margolin

06/13/2019 By Makena Mezistrano

Sonic Youth

Being a Jewish Teen in Seattle Is Complicated

Living between two worlds.

06/13/2019 By Ella Gonchar

Sonic Youth

It's Not Another Teenage Wasteland

How local teens are dealing with the world they are inheriting — and how they’re going to change it.

06/12/2019 By Makena Mezistrano, Claire Butwinick, and Emily K. Alhadeff

Sonic Youth

Nate Kantor

06/12/2019 By Makena Mezistrano

Pro Tips

How to Get the Best Shot

Rebecca Kaplan, third-generation co-owner of Glazer’s Camera, offers advice from the trade.

04/16/2019 By Claire Butwinick


Family Business Owners Look to the Future — Without Forgetting the Past

Jewish families have impacted Greater Seattle's business scene.

04/15/2019 By Emily K. Alhadeff, Claire Butwinick, Bryan Cohen, and Naomi Tomky


Pike Place Market Is Where It All Began

Much of Seattle’s Sephardic community got its bearings at the market.

04/15/2019 By Naomi Tomky


Three Women Take Their Family Businesses into the Future

Like Grandfather, Like Granddaughter

04/15/2019 By Emily K. Alhadeff