The Set Table

Prepare for Passover without Losing Your Mind

Personal organizer Elise Hay offers tips for low-stress holiday planning.

05/07/2020 By Karin Vandraiss

The Set Table

Schmaltzy's Deli Brings Pastrami to the People

Napkin Friends' owner Jonny Silverberg finally sees his brick-and-mortar vision come to life.

02/10/2020 By Naomi Tomky

The Set Table

Joel Gamoran Wants You to Stop Wasting Food

The local boy turned celebrity chef is leading the "scrappy" movement.

11/12/2019 By Meryl Alcabes

Fress to Impress

Cook Like a Chef This Holiday Season

Seattle-based foodies share their Jewish favorites.

09/23/2019 By Naomi Tomky Illustrations by Alison Cote Photography by Carlton Canary

The Set Table

Thirty Years of Beer at Pike Brewing

In October of 1989, Charles and Rose Ann Finkel took a chance on a brewery.

09/23/2019 By Ben Keene


Why Doesn't Seattle Have More Kosher Restaurants?

The city has always had a problem keeping kosher businesses open. Increased regulations don't help.

09/23/2019 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Fress to Impress

Adeena Sussman Believes Cooking Delicious Food Shouldn’t be Difficult

The American-turned-Israeli chef focuses on home cooks.

09/23/2019 By Naomi Tomky

Fress to Impress

Take Your Holiday Table to the Next Level

A professional designer shows you how.

09/23/2019 By Lara Hale

The Set Table

Sadie Suskind is Seattle's Next Celebrity Chef

And she's only 13.

08/11/2019 By Claire Butwinick

The Set Table

The Bagels Are Rolling In

Is Seattle's bagel drought coming to an end?

06/16/2019 By Naomi Tomky


Schwartz Brothers Pays It Forward

The restaurant/bakery success story is built on Jewish community ties.

04/15/2019 By Emily K. Alhadeff

The Set Table

A Whole New Ball Game

Two new establishments answer Seattle’s need for matzoh ball soup.

04/15/2019 By Naomi Tomky

The Set Table

What are Hamantaschen, Anyway?

Pockets? Ears? Hats? ... Mouth pockets?

02/07/2019 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Best Jewish Neighborhoods

Long Lamented for Its Bland Deli Scene, Seattle Is Having a Pastrami Moment

Jewish eateries are cropping up around the city.

11/26/2018 By Naomi Tomky

The Set Table

Arianna Garella Believes Food Can't Be Separated from Culture

The regular Jewish-cuisine instructor at The Pantry creates understanding through challah and matzo ball soup.

11/26/2018 By Rachel Román


Puget Sound Once Teemed with Herring. Can the Industry Be Revived?

The little fish are central to Scandinavian, Native, and Jewish cuisine, and their decline is part of an ecosystem breakdown.

10/31/2018 By Naomi Tomky


How a Lost Tuscan Jewish Community Lives on Through Its Cuisine

Edda Servi Machlin's cookbook has somewhat of a cult following in Seattle.

10/31/2018 By David Laskin


Eggs: A Retrospective

What came first, Jewish history or the egg?

10/23/2018 By Emily K. Alhadeff Photography by Carlton Canary

The Food Issue


10/23/2018 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff

The Food Issue

Michael Solomonov

10/23/2018 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff