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Image: Levi Hastings


Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki

1040–1105 France

Best known for his comprehensive commentaries on the Tanakh and Talmud. He lived in the Champagne region and may have worked in wine production.

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Image: Levi Hastings


Rabbi Yitzchak ben Yaakov Alfasi ha-Cohen

1013–1103 Morocco & Spain

Spent most of his life in Fez writing commentaries and teaching. His students included the poet Yehudah HaLevi.

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Image: Levi Hastings


Rabbi Ovadia ben Avraham of Bartenura

1445–1515 Italy & Jerusalem

Became a spiritual, intellectual, and moral leader in Jerusalem for Jews living there, as well as for newly arrived Spanish exiles.

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Image: Levi Hastings


Rabbi Ovadia ben Yaakov Sforno

1475–1550 Italy

Biblical commentator and scholar of Hebrew, rabbinics, math, philosophy, and medicine. He dedicated some works to his friend King Henry II of France.

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