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A 20-foot challah set a Guinness World Record in October after participants at a New York Shabbos Project Great Big Challah Bake set out to bake the world’s biggest braid. Leading up to the second annual Shabbos Project — an initiative that encourages Jews around the world to keep Shabbat — 126 challah bakes took place across the globe (including in Seattle), drawing busloads of women to partake in the traditional act of preparing Sabbath bread. The record-setting challah was a year in planning, used 40 lbs. of flour, took two tries, and was baked at Damascus Bakery, owned by Christian Arab Edward Mafoud, who was happy to help. On the Friday morning after the challah bake, the six-strand bread was loaded onto a truck and escorted by police on a parade to Isaac Gross, who sponsored the challah bake, to be shared that evening at a Shabbos Project meal for over 60 people.

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