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1. Vanilla Custard
General Porpoise

Capitol Hill

Chef Renee Erickson’s gourmet doughnuts, made with fresh eggs from La Ferme des Anes, emerged as a winner with our tasters. The yeast dough, sugar dusting, and rich custard filling knocked everyone’s socks off.

“It’s very nice. Almost like a sugared Bavarian cream. I detected a little vanilla. Not too heavy.” — Sergeant Whitcomb

Jis 1216 doughnuts maple old fashioned top pot eap9ba
2. Maple Old Fashioned
Top Pot

Belltown and various locations

Top Pot’s maple-glazed old fashioned holds up as Seattle’s iconic flavor, and this one didn’t let anybody down.

“I’m going to confess, this is my standby doughnut. The more maple the better. I’m OK with the sugar, because it reminds me of pancakes and syrup. The only thing that’s missing is the bacon.” — Sergeant Whitcomb

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3. Raspberry Riot

Capitol Hill

Organic and vegan, these cake doughnuts can be found full-size and mini at coffee shops around the city. Don’t feel bad, they’re healthy.

“It’s like eating a flower.” — Officer Smith

Jis 1216 doughnuts chocolate icing top pot beqwmn
4. Chocolate Icing
Top Pot

Various Locations

The chocolate glaze pleased some, but struck others as a little off.

Detective Michaud detected a touch of coffee flavor, but Lieutenant Underwood found it boring.

“Rich. I like it.”— Sergeant Diaz

Jis 1216 doughnuts cinnamon sugar daily dozen ucikwa
5. Cinnamon sugar
Daily Dozen

Pike Place Market

Located in Pike Place Market, Daily Dozen pulls fresh mini doughnuts out of the fryer into a paper bag with cinnamon sugar for perfect snacking while wandering.

“This is like a little fried doughnut with sugar on top.” — Mayor Murray

Jis 1216 doughnuts powdered strawberry filled krispy kreme bigp75
6. Powdered Strawberry Filled
Krispy Kreme

SoDo (kosher), North Seattle, Issaquah, and Tacoma

Although a little too doughy for some, the sweet-tart jelly won our tasters over, and they come fairly close to bona fide sufganiyot.

“It’s good. It’s like having a jelly sandwich.”— Officer Smith

“This is like the Hanukkah one.” — Mayor Murray

Jis 1216 doughnuts ghost pepper passionfruit rodeo cclmuz
7. Ghost Pepper Passionfruit

Ballard and Capitol Hill

Rodeo’s artisan, curated selection tops the list of fancy doughnuts. With flavors like pomegranate balsamic and tiramisu-filled that rotate throughout the week, this is the place to go if you need a serious treat.

“I like the fruit taste of it. It’s more like dessert. Ice cream would be good with it.”— Lieutenant Underwood

Jis 1216 doughnuts french dona queen prfnwd
8. French
Dona Queen


This was a wild card of a doughnut picked up from the hole-in-the-wall shop it shares with a Korean deli in a strip mall in SoDo. Turns out it’s also a known favorite among the officers — and it got surprisingly rave reviews.

“This is like the croissant of doughnuts. You get that almost uncooked center to it.”— Detective Michaud

“Very light, chewy, kind of elegant. An upper-class doughnut.”— Mayor Murray

Jis 1216 doughnuts krispy kreme chocolate iced custard filled vcnupg
9. Chocolate Iced Custard Filled
Krispy Kreme

Corporate doughnuts get a bad rap, and granted, this one lagged behind in the ratings. But for some of us, there’s nothing like a basic Bavarian cream.

“This is my favorite type of doughnut. But the chocolate could have held up better under duress.”— Jonah Spangenthal-Lee

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