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Image: Amrita Marino

Based on the top three agreed-upon choices, according to our online survey. 

Top 3 Israeli/Mediterranean Picks

Eggs and Plants

Aviv Hummus Bar


Top 3 Traditional Picks



Napkin Friends

Top 3 Bagel Picks

Einstein Bros.

Eltana Bagels

Bagel Oasis and Blazing Bagels (tied)

Best Kosher

No. Just No. 34%

Bamboo Garden 24%

Pabla 23%

“At Bamboo Garden, your food is always consistent, the service is fast, and they have an amazing memory — always asking me if I’d like my usual, asking how my parents are, etc. They also say things like  ‘Shabbat shalom’ and ‘laila tov’!”

Best Kiddush

BCMH 43%

Minyan Ohr Chadash 16%

SBH 16%

Best Place to Meet Jews

Island Crust Cafe 19%

It doesn't exist 11%

Goldberg's 10%

Best Coffee Shop

Starbucks 21%

Caffe Vita 7%

Uptown Espresso 6%

Best Place to Shop for Jewish Foods

QFC 48%

Affordable Kosher 29%

Trader Joe's 7%

Jewish Foods We're Embarrassed to Love

Gefilte fish 27%

Gefilte y3h4j4

 All of them (and not ashamed)! 19%

Chopped liver 9%

Best-kept secret

“Ordering challah from Hello Robin! It’s the best challah in town, as long as you like the sweet, honey-
style challah.”

“The new pop-up Standard Bakery in Pinehurst. Jewish owner whips up challah as well as pistachio blackberry croissants.”

“Chef Jeremy’s (of The Summit) cherry-smoked salmon! I think my family comes to us for Passover mostly just so they can have some more of that salmon.”

“Kosher Beecher’s Cheese in Pike Place.”

“Ordering from the Ezra Bessaroth Ladies’ Auxiliary. They have the best traditional foods in town.”

If you had one Jewish food wish for greater Seattle, what would it be?

“1. A really authentic, good, chewy bakery with excellent bagels and bialys. 2. A good, generous, and savory Ashkenazi-style, home-style diner. 3. A smoked and pickled fish shop. 4. All of these in the same block. In my dreams.”

“A nice kosher restaurant with meat options that’s downtown, where you can bring a non-Jewish coworker without apologizing.”

“Brenners reincarnation.”

“Fresh juice bar with ouzo and late-night dining options with Israeli dance music loudly played.” 

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 “A kosher bagel-deli-style place that is healthier than the average Jewish deli and serves as a 

meeting place for Jews of all ages and observance levels.”

“Israeli breakfasts!!! Like at Bucke in Tel Aviv. Breakfast by day, hipster bites at night.”



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