When Rochie Farkash started Challah Friends at Eastside Torah Center in September, her intent was to help the larger community through tzedakah. The camaraderie and friendship that have blossomed from these monthly challah bakes has been a bonus.

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“The challah party has broken down barriers,” she says. “It’s giving a sense of community to a very diverse area.”

Once a month, 15–18 volunteers bake challah for people in need, like homebound adults and elderly, and people who have gone through a significant event — new babies, moves, losses. After the bake, volunteers deliver the challah and spend time with the recipients.

Farkash is thrilled at the success of the monthly challah bakes. “This is a part of who we are and our tradition — not just the challah, but the giving,” she says. “It fills a lot of needs and hearts.”

 The next Challah Friends baking party is April 11 at 6:30 p.m. at Eastside Torah Center. chabadbellevue.org

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