Sufganiyot may always lag behind the mighty latke as an American Hanukkah tradition. But Hanukkah aside, doughnuts are one of our country’s highest culinary institutions — and Seattle bakeries have clamored to master this all-American pastry. Which local doughnut shop is the fairest of them all? To answer that, we turned to a handful of experts.

In This Feature:

The Experts Weigh In

Who better to rate Seattle's doughnuts than the man who runs the city and the people who keep it safe?

12/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Criminally Tasty

When we asked the Seattle Police Department to participate in a blind doughnut taste test, they kind of broke the door down.

12/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff

The Great Doughnut Schlep

How did sufganiyot take off in Israel, while the latke commands the American Hanukkah market?

12/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff