The Food Issue

Eggs: A Retrospective


As American as Apple Pie

Apple Pie Three (Historical) Ways

The classic American dessert has an immigration story of its own.

08/28/2018 By Naomi Tomky

As American as Apple Pie

Celebrate with Cider

Cider is the perfect boozy option for celebrating the High Holidays on a less formal note.

08/28/2018 By Erin James


The Fishmonger’s Tale

Solly Amon started selling fish as a kid. At 86, he looks out over a small empire built by family and love.

08/01/2018 By Stuart Eskenazi

The Set Table

All in the Family

Vancouver’s two new Jewish restaurants welcome an underserved clientele — parents.

06/25/2018 By Naomi Tomky

The Set Table

Bread and Friendship

Challah Friends started as tzedakah, but it's become much more than that.

03/21/2018 By Rachel Román

The Set Table

Alon Shaya Marries Creole and Israeli Cuisine

The New Orleans chef introduces his new cookbook to Seattle.

03/21/2018 By Rachel Román

The Set Table

Is Dingfelder's the Jewish Deli We've Been Waiting For?

Seattle's dismal deli scene could be turning around.

03/21/2018 By Pam Mandel

Domestic Goddess

At Nigella Lawson's Table

Britain's celebrity chef shares her thoughts about her latest cookbook, finding out about her Jewish ancestry, and of course, some recipes.

03/21/2018 By Karin Vandraiss Photography by Jonathan Lovekin

The Set Table

The Rose City Ups Its Food Game Against Rain City

For some good Jewish food, head south of the Washington border.

02/14/2018 By Naomi Tomky

The Food Issue

How an Unlikely Snack Turned into a Family Business

A local couple creates a hit "sipping broth."

12/07/2017 By Rebekah Denn Photography by Carlton Canary

The Food Issue

The Rise and Fall of Seattle's Bagel Craze

Tracing the '90s bagel boom — and bust.

12/07/2017 By Nancy Leson Illustrations by Amrita Marino

The Food Issue

Readers Share: What We Love (and Hate) About Seattle's Jewish Food Scene

When it comes to food, we have some strong opinions.

12/07/2017 Illustrations by Amrita Marino Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff

The Food Issue

Where is the Great Seattle Jewish Deli?

Maybe we're looking in the wrong place.

12/06/2017 By Kathryn Robinson Illustrations by Amrita Marino

Best of Jewish Washington

Is Washington Having a Jewish Food Moment?

We may be poised for a culinary comeback.

12/05/2017 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff


Rusty Federman Has Perfected the Cheesecake

Look no further.

12/05/2017 By Haley Shapley

The Set Table

Molly Yeh Combines Her Cultures into One Delicious Career

The Chinese-Jewish percussionist found food blog fame in North Dakota.

12/05/2017 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff

The Set Table

Three Hanukkah Recipes from Molly Yeh

Yeh for latkes!

12/05/2017 With Molly Yeh

The Food Issue

Two Entrepreneurs Fill a Hole in the Wall with Their Bagel Dreams

Monica Dimas and Molly Westman want to bring the East Coast bagel out west.

12/05/2017 By Rebekah Denn Photography by Carlton Canary

The Food Issue

Can Jonny Silverberg Bring the Deli?

With a successful latke-press sandwich food truck on the road, the young chef has dreams of deli.

12/05/2017 By Rebekah Denn Photography by Carlton Canary