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Corinne Stroum’s journey to senior program manager at Caradigm started in college, when a conversation with a clinical engineer during a diagnostic procedure led to her first job as an artificial heart technician.

“Health care is my passion,” Stroum says, “but becoming a medical doctor or medical researcher didn’t seem like the right path for me. I’m the type of person who goes all-in, and as an M.D. or Ph.D., I would probably never see the light of day again.”

Stroum, 29, determined the business of health care to be the right fit. She did several science and medical device internships while at Washington University in St. Louis before following the siren call of the software industry to Microsoft. When part of Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group evolved into a joint venture with GE, she transferred to the new company, Caradigm. “At Caradigm, I work on the ‘marriage’ of health care and technology,” she says. As a member of the health care analytics team, Stroum builds clinical and business intelligence applications to glean information from the data that health care generates.

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Corinne Stroum, creator of Oy, My Genes!

Technology permeates Stroum’s life: she and her husband, Zach, upgraded their Bellevue house with solar panels and smart-home components. It also plays a role in her Jewish life. Last year, Stroum took a class on Jewish genetics offered by Hillel UW, where she has been involved in the young-adult Jconnect program. “We discussed what it means to be Jewish from the physical and genetic aspect, and how there are unexpected communities that are connected genetically,” she says. Participants took a DNA sequencing test with 23andMe, which used to offer a health risks report, a service that was discontinued due to FDA regulation. That led Stroum to create her own site, Oy, My Genes!

“Jews, especially of Ashkenazi heritage, have a higher risk of certain hereditary diseases over the non-Jewish population,” she explains. Oy, My Genes! lets any 23andMe client input a DNA report and see what risks they might have. “In Israel, the government finances genetic testing for any married couple,” Stroum says. “In America, this is up to the insurance company. Many don’t cover this battery of tests.”

Oy, My Genes! has seen visitors from over a dozen countries. Stroum believes medical data collection and analysis is the key to a better tomorrow. “The future of health care lies in its data: our ability to identify and capture it, our ability to make sense of it, and our ability to do something with this information.”

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