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Eretz Zavat Chalav U’dvash

Nina Simone

The sultry soul songstress sang the Israeli folk tune about the “land flowing with milk and honey” in 1962, as her interest in diverse musical styles was growing.



A.k.a. Russ Filler, the Jewish rapper associated with Wu Tang Clan frequently raps about Jewish issues and causes. He tells the story of the exodus in this track.


Slick Rick

Veteran hip-hop artist Slick Rick’s upbeat track captures the story of Moses’s birth and rise to power with lyrical style.

Echad Mi Yodea

Traktor’s Revenge

The Israeli rock band Nikmat HaTraktor puts the seder song to a beat so riveting that choreographer Ohad Neharin used it for a dance for Batsheva Dance Company.

Creeping Death


The metal band’s popular song conveys the terror of the 10 plagues from thepoint of view of the Angel of Death. (Metal haters: just give it a try!)

Redemption Song

Bob Marley

Who doesn’t love the timeless reggae song about emancipation from mental slavery (“None but ourselves can free our mind”)? These songs of freedom, they’re  all we ever had.

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