Destination: North Africa

Jis 0417 seder north africa pwocan

Seder upgrade: Try a Sephardic haroset made from dates, figs, nuts, and sweet wine — which differs from its Ashkenazi cousin made with apples

First course: Moroccan spicy fish

Salad: Spicy cooked carrot salad

Main dish: Moroccan lamb tagine with dried fruit

Bonus: Celebrate Mimouna, the Moroccan Jewish open house tradition celebrated the day after Passover, with yeasted crêpes called mufletas, fried doughy sweets, cookies, and marzipan

Destination: Italy

Jis 0417 seder italy c4y8as

Soup:  Fresh tomato soup (with optional rice)

First course: Carciofi alla Giudia — artichokes Jewish style

Main dish:  Tortino di Azzime a.k.a. matzoh lasagna

Dessert: Torta alle mandorle e limoni — flourless Italian almond-lemon cake

Bonus:  Fry up traditional burmuelos, the Sephardic Passover breakfast fritter

Destination: India

Jis 0417 seder india vdiu9x

Seder special:  Currant wine, the traditional Passover wine of the Bene Israel Jewish community

Bread (yes, bread): Rice Bakhri, made with rice flour instead of wheat flour — if kitniyot is in your playbook

Main dish:  Try lamb biryani, a celebratory layered dish of rice and lamb topped with crispy fried onions, cilantro, and nuts

Bonus:  Make a sweet pudding for breakfast with rice, mung beans, cardamom, brown sugar, and raisins

Destination: Your Own Backyard

Jis 0417 seder backyard xljjj5

Soup:  Pho-inspired matzoh ball soup, with ginger, star anise, Napa cabbage, and chili sauce

Main dish:  Salmon with hazelnut relish

Dessert:  Chocolate-covered matzoh with dried apricots and Alderwood smoked salt

Bonus:  Pump some PNW flavors into breakfast with an almond-pear-blueberry cake

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