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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Starting the Day Right

Drink a glass of water to feel alert and rehydrate. It also kickstarts your metabolism. See? THAT was easy. If you want to get fancy, add lemon to flush the digestive system.

 Stay unplugged. Over 70 percent of us grab our phones first thing in the morning. Don’t be doing that. In addition to being bombarded by Trump tweets, studies have shown incoming notifications will trigger stress and are linked to higher feelings of anxiety. What we focus on first thing in the morning shapes the entire day. So…

Meditate. Rather than think of this as “one more thing to do,” imagine how it will help you focus throughout the day and be more efficient. Simply take five minutes to sit and breathe with your eyes closed. (Twenty’s better, but gotta start somewhere!) It sets the tone and allows you to calm the “monkey mind” when it shows up.

Exercise. Do it first thing so it won't fall off your to-do list as the day inevitably gets packed with other crap. If you can’t get 30 minutes of movement, even a walk around the block can be beneficial in increasing your mental processing speed for the day. If nothing else, move your limbs and spine a bit (like your dog and cat do). You’ll wake your muscles and shake off that morning stiffness.

Set a positive intention. This couldn’t be simpler: Mentally walk through your meetings and meals and appointments — and think about how well they’re going to go. You are calm. You are in control. You are positive. You will rule the world.

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Make It to 100 — or Die Trying

The secret sauce of longevity? According to three women between 89 and 96 at The Summit, the keys to a long life are staying busy and smiling.

Natalie Fingeroot, 89

Laughter is the best medicine. It’s important each day to find something to laugh at. Even if it happened 50 years ago. When times are hard, keep going and stay busy.

Adele Sharaga, 96

In order to be healthy you have to do certain things: eat right, exercise, smile. I’ve gone through a lot of bad things. I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to let it ruin what I have left. I keep busy. I never have nothing to do.

Rose Liberman, 90

You should eat good food, a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit. Get enough sleep, exercise. Be nice to other people, be friendly, keep smiling. I have a lot of candies. I enjoy giving them out.

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