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Feel Like a Wellion Bucks

We may not all be millionaires, but with better health and clearer goals we can get closer to achieving our dreams. Self-described "wellionaire" Jill Ginsberg explains. 

What does it mean to be a “wellionaire”? I remember growing up and it being a big deal if you were a self-made millionaire. It meant that you had made it on your own. That’s always been the goal of a lot of people as a success metric. It’s not about money. It’s about how well you feel, your physical and mental health, and having a sense of joy and fullness. 

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Jill Ginsberg is the Seattle-based author of Self-Made Wellionaire: Get Off YourAss(et), Reclaim Your Health, and Feel Like a Million Bucks.

Image: Alison Cowles

How can wellness help us achieve more? It’s all about getting your body and your brain to function at the highest level. If your body is stressed, you may not be sleeping much or in pain. These take away your energy and attention from other parts of your life. If you’re not feeling and thinking your best, you can’t be your best. Whether it’s to be the best to your kids or to show up in the boardroom and offer your best thoughts, once you take on your wellness and make progress, it’s inspiring and it makes you think you can do anything.

But I can’t possibly do more self-care! There’s not enough time/money/energy. You have to have a clear reason for being. You need to pick and choose what you’re going to get done. The to-do list may look empty, but it’s not. There’s another one tomorrow. You start to make different choices, because you get clearer on your values. Once you get clear on those, you don’t compromise them for other people. It’s about being clear about your own priorities. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to volunteer on the PTA, but if your priorities are being with your kids and with your spiritual affiliation and being healthy, there may not be time for that thing you think might be great.  



Get Rich!

Or, just don’t be a sucker.

Seattle-based CPA Sam Mezistrano reminds us about basic ways not to lose money. 

What’s the best way to save money?

Your income minus your expenses is what you have left over. Your income is what it is. Live within your means. Paying yourself first by automatically putting money into savings is really important.

What about deals, like Groupon? Is this really a way to save, or is it a money suck?

Ultimately, they’re trying to get you to spend money. Who’s driving the cart? If you wanted to do XYZ, and there’s a Groupon, great. Make sure you’re driving the cart, and the cart’s not driving you.

What’s a common mistake people make when it comes to taxes?

People hear things about what they can deduct, but it’s like a game of telephone. It gets messed up along the way. If you hear something from somebody, double check and make sure it’s right and that you’re not at the end of the telephone game.

What advice do you have for millennials?

People do a lot of online banking. Print out your bank statements and go through them. Have a record of what you spend. Don’t trust technology all the time. Take ownership of your money. If you didn’t print it out, you’re not going to reconcile it. It’s easy to get sucked into the technology and believe that everything is OK.

What’s the most surprising problem you run into?

What surprises me is student loan interest. People are paying it way too late into their lives. Set the foundation of where you’re going to be 10 years after you graduate. Live at home, go to a cheaper school, don’t use the money to go to Miami. A thousand today is worth a lot later.  


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