A fourth-generation Argentinian with both Ashkenazi and Sephardic roots, Debbie Levitin started a new chapter in the US after she married her Seattle-born-and-raised husband, Alter. The couple owns A&M Luxury Homes housebuilders, and Debbie says interior design and styling new projects to make them “homey and approachable” is her favorite part of the work. There’s no doubt she’s got a knack for it — one of her projects was chosen as a finalist for HGTV’s Curb Appeal.

Debbie’s enthusiasm for creating welcoming spaces shines through when the Levitins host loved ones for High Holiday meals, just as her parents did. “There was always an abundance of good food, and joy, and company — we had an open-door policy at our home,” Debbie says of their celebrations. “My mum put a lot of work and attention to details into hosting and making great meals, and that influenced the way I approach the holidays.”

Here are some of her tips for creating a beautiful and meaningful atmosphere for the holidays:

Choose Vintage

Debbie Levitin

Image: Alison Cote

Debbie loves to scour eBay, Etsy, and local vintage shops for unique decor items. On her holiday table, patinaed-brass items like the pedestal vase and wine opener provide a subtly glam counterpoint to the natural tones.

Go Natural

Rosh Hashanah — the head of the year — is a time for reflection, but also the beginning of Israel’s agricultural season. Natural elements, such as the wooden bowls, rattan baskets, and linen napkins on Debbie’s holiday table, nod to the holiday’s connection to the land.

Elevate the Everyday

Cloth napkins aren’t just an eco-friendly choice; they’re more elegant, too. “[Linen napkins] elevate any meal,” says Debbie. “I like to do a simple knot; it’s an informal and minimalistic way to display them.”

Say It with Flowers

If your budget will stretch to it, Debbie suggests bringing a favorite vase or container to your florist to create a stunning centerpiece with your choice of blooms. “I love pedestal vases,” she says. “They’re a little bit elevated, but not too much, so you can still see the person sitting across from you.”

Pick Fruit

Incorporating symbolic fruits adds meaning to your holiday decor. In addition to the treasured golden apple pot and dainty apple-shaped glass dishes Debbie fills with honey, she also includes a new — or newly in season — fruit, such as starfruit or figs, in her holiday table design.

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