Best Jewish Neighborhoods

What we love about where we live After Pittsburgh Ophira Eisenberg Saving Ladino

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Arts & Culture


Ophira Eisenberg Wants to Make You Feel a Little Less Alone

The comedian and host of NPR's "Ask Me Another" brings her act to Seattle.

11/26/2018 By Seth Sommerfeld


Ladino Day Turns to Storytelling — and to the Future

The sixth annual event at the UW headlines with French Sephardic activist Francois Azar.

11/26/2018 By Hannah Pressman


Jewish Connections

What's Happening at the Federation: Connections, SAFE Washington, and Germany Close-Up

Three Federation programs you should know about

11/27/2018 By Jim DiPeso

Service and Jewish Life

Service and Jewish Life December-January 2018-19

Photos of our community in action.


Sound Off

Best of Jewish Seattle 2018

As the door closes on the year, here are a few of the things that made it great.

11/26/2018 Illustrations by Rami Neimi

Best Jewish Neighborhoods

Long Lamented for Its Bland Deli Scene, Seattle Is Having a Pastrami Moment

Jewish eateries are cropping up around the city.

11/26/2018 By Naomi Tomky

Best Jewish Neighborhoods


Mercer Island and Bellevue have established Jewish communities as well as a growing scene of newcomers drawn to the tech sector.

11/26/2018 By Boris Kurbanov

Best Jewish Neighborhoods

The North End

This down-to-earth section of Seattle houses one of the city's largest and most vibrant Jewish communities.

11/26/2018 By Alexis Kort

Three Opinions

What Jewish Book Has Had the Most Impact on You?

Two writers weigh in.

11/26/2018 By Alicia Jo Rabins and Shellie Shulkin


Myles Harlow Kahn's Colorful Career Takes a Green Turn

The entrepreneur's latest project is in the cannabis industry.

11/26/2018 By Haley Shapley

Jews of Seattle

Captain Larry Kezner

What does being Jewish mean to you?

11/26/2018 With Meryl Alcabes


Best Jewish Neighborhoods 2018

What we love about where we live

11/26/2018 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff By Lara Hale, Alexis Kort, Rachel Román, Naomi Tomky, and Boris Kurbanov Illustrations by Amrita Marino

Best Jewish Neighborhoods

Seattle is Secular. So How is Chabad Expanding?

The movement's philosophy of radical acceptance with no strings attached seems to be working.

11/26/2018 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Best Jewish Neighborhoods

Seward Park & Columbia City

A shtetl in the verdant and diverse South End

11/26/2018 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Best Jewish Neighborhoods

Capitol Hill

The historic and geographic center of the Jewish community is still, in many ways, the place to be.

11/26/2018 By Lara Hale

Best Jewish Neighborhoods

Fremont & Ballard

The hippest and fastest-growing quadrant of the city

11/26/2018 By Alexis Kort

Jewish Connections

Connections 2019 Is a Stylish Affair

The annual women's philanthropy event features a leading Israeli designer.

11/26/2018 By Jim DiPeso

Jewish Journey

Lessons from a Teen Tour of Israel — for Life

When the World Cup coincided with his Israel trip, a local teen discovered that differences can be reconciled with a common goal.

11/26/2018 By Matthew Rubenstein

Jewish Connections

SAFE Washington Keeps the Jewish Community Secure

The decade-old Federation-supported program is vigilant in the face of threats.

11/26/2018 By Jim DiPeso

Jewish Connections

With Germany Close Up, Young Adults Reflect on the Past to Look to the Future

The Federation's new travel opportunity will put Seattle young adults in touch with Germany's past and present.

11/26/2018 By Jim DiPeso

Test Your JQ

Here Is What We Can All Do to Heal After Pittsburgh

Five ways to make the world a kinder place.

11/26/2018 By Rivy Poupko Kletenik

Best of Jewish Neighborhoods

Jewish Day Schools Face New Challenges. Do They Have What It Takes?

Day schools have had to position themselves as values-driven institutions with academics on par with private schools.

11/26/2018 By Rachel Román and Emily K. Alhadeff