Fall Arts Preview

Listen, watch, learn, and curl up with the best of Seattle! Listen, watch, learn, and curl up with the best of Seattle!

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Arts & Culture

Passing It On

The Anatomy of a Teaching Trunk

The Holocaust Center sends teaching trunks around the state with books, replicas, maps, and DVDs curated for grades 5–12. Here’s a peek inside, with some staff picks highlighted.



Shelf Life

Needs subtitle

10/01/2015 By Joan Leegant


Tradition Remixed

Inspired by old recordings and Mediterranean sounds, international band Baladino electrifies the Ladino language.

10/01/2015 By Boris Kurbanov



Service & Jewish Life

Photos of our community in action.


Jewish Journey

From Bombay to Bellingham

Between Bene Israel and Beth Israel, one man’s soul will always be Jewish.

10/01/2015 By Gabriel Mayers

Jewish Connections

What is the Federation's Core Work?

10/01/2015 By Jim DiPeso and Elisa Haradon

Jewish Connections

Finding Pathways to Jewish Life

10/01/2015 By Jim Dipeso and Elisa Haradon


Faith on the Farm

Oxbow Farm puts Jewish values into vegetables.

10/01/2015 Photography by Naomi Tomky

Passing It On

Which Kid Were You in Hebrew School?

“Do not say, ‘When I free myself of my concerns, I will study,’ for perhaps you will never free yourself.” — Pirke Avot 2:4


Passing It On

Welcome to Town!

Say hi to our community’s newly arrived educators and engagement professionals.

10/01/2015 By Diana Brement

Passing it On

A Space and a Name

Decades in the making, Seattle’s Holocaust center for humanity opens its doors.

10/01/2015 By Tori Gottlieb


A Tale of Two Cities

Six generations later, descendants of a Belarusian shtetl continue to gather in Seattle.

10/01/2015 By Dan Aznoff

Sound Off

Opinions on Iran's Seat at the International Table

Should Iran have a seat at the international table, or does it deserve continued sanctions?

10/01/2015 By Lila Cohen and Eric Flamm

Sound Off

Shabbat Dinner Guests

Recent newsmakers, guests, and locals who’d make for interesting Shabbat dinner company


Jews of Seattle

Anna Douglas

What does being Jewish mean to you?

10/01/2015 By Josh Furman

Yom Kippur

Editor's Note

Tizku l’shanim rabot. May we all be blessed with many years — lived to the fullest of our potential.

10/01/2015 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Eat & Drink

The Set Table

Wine on High

Inside Washington’s only kosher winery

10/01/2015 By Emily K. Alhadeff


Stuff It!

10/01/2015 By Erez Benari

The Set Table

Rabbis Behind the Wines

For which historic personalities are these kosher wines named?


Sound Off

Not So Fishy


Health & Wellness


A Little Help from Their Friends

Support goes a long way for families with special-needs children.

10/01/2015 By Janis Siegel

Geeking Out

Good Genes

For Corinne Stroum, the future of health care lies in data.

10/01/2015 By Erez Benari

Travel & Outdoors

Test Your J.Q.

Opening Chapters

Not all who are forgotten are lost.

10/01/2015 By Rivy Poupko Kletenik