Summer Fresh!

Make the most out of long summer Shabbats with these perfect treats. Plus Dara Horn on living in Hebrew, tracing your roots, and chasing auroras.

In this issue:

Arts & Culture

Artistic Sketches

Living in Hebrew

Novelist Dara Horn talks about the cosmic significance of Hebrew in her writing and life.

06/01/2016 By Denise Grollmus


Jewish Journey

Rhodes to Seattle

A writer experiences her family’s survival through found letters.

06/01/2016 By Cynthia Flash Hemphill


Service & Jewish Life

Photos of our community in action.


Jewish Connections

Breaking Down the Barriers

Neighborhood Connections makes Jewish life accessible to everyone.

06/01/2016 By Rachel Román and Jim DiPeso

Jewish Connections

Funding the Future

LIFE & LEGACY ensures security for future generations of Jews.

06/01/2016 By Rachel Román and Jim DiPeso


Origin Stories

How to pull together the loose threads of family history.

06/01/2016 By David Laskin


Good Out of Evil

Should the Holocaust be a teaching tool for perpetuating Jewish identity?

06/01/2016 By Rivy Poupko Kletenik


From Partisans to Pastrami

Business man Benny Cukier talks about deli and the art of determination.

06/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Sound Off

Shabbat Dinner Guests

Recent newsmakers, guests, and locals who’d make for interesting Shabbat dinner company


Jews of Seattle

Rabbi Shmuel Brody

What does being Jewish mean to you?

06/01/2016 By Josh Furman

Sound Off

It Has Been 10 Years

This July marks a decade since the Federation shooting. How much has changed?

06/01/2016 By Cheryl Stumbo

Eat & Drink

Summer Fun

The Perfect Cookie

Hello Robin’s cookies are the ultimate summer treat.

06/01/2016 By Pam Mandel

Summer Fun

The Perfect Pie

Seeking comfort during the recession, Dani Cone turned to pie.

06/01/2016 By Naomi Tomky

Summer Fun

The Perfect Tamale

How a rabbi’s daughter became the queen of tamales.

06/01/2016 By Josh Furman

Summer Fun

The Perfect Pickle

The Stopsky’s pickle professional on the fermented life.

06/01/2016 By Naomi Tomky

Good Eats

Summer Fun!

Bring a little summertime into your Shabbat with these “perfect” foods — and meet our local entrepreneurs behind them.

06/01/2016 By Naomi Tomky, Josh Furman, and Pam Mandel

Health & Wellness


Laughing Matters

Can a little laughter a day keep the doctor away?

06/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Geeking Out


An Israeli postdoc stands up to a nasty (and common) virus.

06/01/2016 By Erez Benari

Family Ties

Editor's Note

Genealogy — as David Laskin explores in this issue — for all its perks and pitfalls, helps us figure out the essential questions: who are we?

06/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Travel & Outdoors


Who Separates Darkness from Light

Experience the spiritual power of the Northwest night sky.

06/01/2016 By Deborah Gardner