Take Your High Holidays to New Heights

High Holidays 2019 Holiday pro tips, Seattle's kosher food scene, 30 years of Pike Brewing, fall arts

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Arts & Culture


A New Documentary Follows Yiscah Smith's Returns to Jewish Community

"It was, if not more of, a spiritual transition than a gender transition."

09/23/2019 By Makena Mezistrano

Fall Arts

Women on the Verge

Women are the focal point of a powerful 2019 fall arts season



Chava Mirel Devotes Her Life to Jewish Song

The born-and-bred Seattle musician releases a new album this fall.

09/23/2019 By Claire Butwinick


Sandra Bernhard Reflects on the History of Funny

Turns out, comedy is something you're born with.

09/23/2019 By Emily K. Alhadeff


Indecent Captures the Drama of a Production Ahead of Its Time

Paula Vogel's interpretation of Sholem Asch's controversial play comes to Seattle.

09/23/2019 By Misha Berson


Service and Jewish Life

Service and Jewish Life October–November 2019

Photos of our community in action


Sound Off

Go Ahead. Ask.

What burning questions do you have about Judaism and Jewish living? Have yours answered in the magazine!



One Thing Is, Never Give Up Hope

Henry Friedman, a founder of the Holocaust Center for Humanity, reflects on the lessons of the Holocaust.

09/23/2019 By Emily Boynton

Jewish Connections

PJ Library Connectors Help Families Create Community

The Federation is supports neighborhood-based opportunities for connecting with Jewish life.

09/23/2019 By Jim DiPeso

Three Opinions

How Should We Respond to Public Figures Accused of Sexual Misconduct?

A media figure and a social worker respond.

09/23/2019 By Warren Etheredge and Liz Coleclough


Dina Levitan Speaks Truth to Tech


09/23/2019 By Emily Boynton

Jews of Seattle

Laurie Goff

What does being Jewish mean to you?

09/23/2019 With Meryl Alcabes

Sound Off

Meet the Jews Advocating for Immigrant Justice in Seattle

“For so many of us, our DNA experienced this horror just a few generations back.”

09/23/2019 By Gregory Gutterman Scruggs

Eat & Drink

The Set Table

Thirty Years of Beer at Pike Brewing

In October of 1989, Charles and Rose Ann Finkel took a chance on a brewery.

09/23/2019 By Ben Keene


Why Doesn't Seattle Have More Kosher Restaurants?

The city has always had a problem keeping kosher businesses open. Increased regulations don't help.

09/23/2019 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Health & Wellness


This Yom Kippur, Try Apologizing

It's good for your health.

09/23/2019 By Michael Stusser


Fress to Impress

Cook Like a Chef This Holiday Season

Seattle-based foodies share their Jewish favorites.

09/23/2019 By Naomi Tomky Illustrations by Alison Cote Photography by Carlton Canary

Fress to Impress

Adeena Sussman Believes Cooking Delicious Food Shouldn’t be Difficult

The American-turned-Israeli chef focuses on home cooks.

09/23/2019 By Naomi Tomky

Fress to Impress

Take Your Holiday Table to the Next Level

A professional designer shows you how.

09/23/2019 By Lara Hale


Adeena Sussman's Challah

09/23/2019 By Naomi Tomky