What's in a Life?

How Ritual Holds Us Together Life cycles and the price of being Jewish in Seattle

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Jewish Journey

Miscarriage Leaves Couples to Find Their Own Rituals

Judaism has community rituals for almost everything. Some common experiences, though, leave people to cope alone.

08/10/2017 By Sarah Barak

Life Cycles

Looking Forward to Life When Most of It Is Behind You

Try "grandparent mode."

08/10/2017 By Michael A. Stusser

Life Cycles

Jewish Burial Rites Bring Honor to the Deceased and Comfort to the Family

The lesser-known operations of the "holiness society."

08/10/2017 By Corinne Stroum

Life Cycles

When a Spouse Changes Genders, What Happens to the Family?

He started taking hormones six months before their son's bar mitzvah. Would everything really be OK?

08/10/2017 By Lisa Jaffe

Life Cycles

Make Your Marriage Bring Cosmic Light to the Darkness

Forget feeling a spark. Chanie Levitin thinks marriage can bring the sparks back together.

08/10/2017 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff

Life Cycles

Three Generations of Women Reflect on Bat Mitzvah

Where were you at 13?

08/10/2017 Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff

Life Cycles

Mohel Rabbi Maimon Still Stands on the Cutting Edge of Tradition

Now 98 (or 99?) Rabbi Solomon Maimon performed circumcisions for half a century.

08/10/2017 By Meryl Alcabes

Life Cycles

Guiding Women Through Birth Creates Spiritual Energy

A doula's journey.

08/10/2017 By Corinne Stroum

Test Your JQ

Judaism is the Antidote to the Teenage Wasteland

From "13 Reasons Why" to "613 Reasons Why."

08/10/2017 By Rivy Poupko Kletenik


Golden-Agers and Millennials Find Friendship on the Dance Floor

The "Seniors' Senior Prom" bridges the generations.

08/10/2017 By Pam Mandel

Three Opinions

Can President Trump Make the Ultimate Deal?

A Republican and a Democrat ponder the possibility.

08/10/2017 By Michael Medved and Matt Kanter

Geeking Out

Nate Martin Broke Out By Locking People in Rooms

The "founding father of escape rooms" took a risk — and mastered his own destiny.

08/10/2017 By Katheryn Grice

Jews of Seattle

Cheryl Wilson Hanson

What does being Jewish mean to you?

08/10/2017 By Meryl Alcabes

Jewish Connections

Small Grants Help Big Projects Succeed

The Federation's Small Agency Sustainability Grant program gives community organizations a much-needed boost.

08/10/2017 By Jim DiPeso

Jewish Connections

PAVE Helps Young Jews from Across the Region Form Community

The Federation enables people to find their tribe.

08/10/2017 By Jim DiPeso

Sound Off

Can Holocaust Education Help the Seattle Police Department?

The Law Enforcement and Society program is part of the SPD's ongoing reforms.

08/10/2017 By Emily K. Alhadeff Illustrations by Levi Hastings

Eat & Drink

The Set Table

Pastrami Loves Wine

Two food entrepreneurs want their products to be an experience.

08/10/2017 By Naomi Tomky