Yesler Way

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Arts & Culture


Curious George’s Curious Journey

The creators of America’s favorite monkey barely made it out of occupied Paris.

04/05/2017 By Emily K. Alhadeff



Service & Jewish Life

Photos of our community in action.


Personal History

Could Brenner Brothers Bakery See Another Day?

A nostalgic rock star wants to reopen his family’s bakery. But you can’t bring back the past.

04/06/2017 By Naomi Tomky

Three Opinions

Should We Compare the Holocaust to Current Events?

History repeats itself — but analogies can desensitize us.

04/06/2017 By Michal Lotzker and Devin E. Naar

Jewish Journey

Due to the Kindness of Strangers, a Family Exists Today

For a family confined to the Krakow Ghetto, luck and a little help went a long way.

04/05/2017 By Steven Baral

Photo Essay

Photo Essay: Freedom Fighters

Four Seattleites who fought for Israel’s independence.

04/05/2017 By David Shayne

Jewish Connections

Fostering Jewish Identity in Our Teens

Trips to Israel help teens connect to their history and each other.

04/05/2017 By Jim DiPeso

Jewish Connections

Micro Grants from PJ Library Help You Create Jewish Programs Your Way

Get funding for events on your own time and turf.

04/05/2017 By Jim DiPeso

Personal History

Tales of Yesler Way

Yesler Way isn’t a street — it’s an archaeological tell of personal history.

04/05/2017 By Rachel Kessler

Test Your JQ

Sorry Not Sorry

Is empathy bad for our relationships?

04/05/2017 By Rivy Poupko Kletenik

Sound Off

In Tense Times, Jews and Muslims Support One Another

Local groups put the tough topics aside to focus on unity.

04/05/2017 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Geeking Out

Think You Know the Passover Story? Play This Game.

TorahLine will test your holiday know-how.

04/05/2017 By Erez Benari

Jews of Seattle

Tonda Case

What does being Jewish mean to you?

04/05/2017 By Josh Furman

Health & Wellness


We Need to Take the Lead on Parental Support

Becoming a parent is hard, even when things go right.

04/05/2017 By Rabbi Jaclyn Cohen


Set Table

Here’s What to Do with That Leftover Matzoh

These ingenious brewers turn it into beer.

04/05/2017 By Naomi Tomky

Set Table

Seders from Four Corners of the Earth

Make this night truly different from all other nights.

04/05/2017 By Shulie Madnick