Geeking Out

Nathan Peterson Finds Success in Surprising Places

Tagboard's SVP on winning at life — and love.

06/06/2017 By Erez Benari

Geeking Out

Think You Know the Passover Story? Play This Game.

TorahLine will test your holiday know-how.

04/05/2017 By Erez Benari

Geeking Out

The Future Is a Hologram

With HoloLens, Ori Amiga wants to turn science fiction into reality.

02/09/2017 By Erez Benari Illustrations by Hayley Doshay

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Thinking Globally

Jaren Schwartz applies lessons learned in Africa to the local startup marketplace.

12/01/2016 By Erez Benari

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Trip Without Tripping

Gilad Berenstein unravels travel.

11/07/2016 By Erez Benari

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Word to Your Mother

Ruth Kikin-Gil’s job is to make Microsoft Word easy for everyone.

10/01/2016 By Erez Benari

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The Cutting Edge

Serial entrepreneur Dan Shapiro slices the competition with his latest startup.

08/01/2016 By Erez Benari

Geeking Out


An Israeli postdoc stands up to a nasty (and common) virus.

06/01/2016 By Erez Benari

Sound Off

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

Kodu Care gets individuals the mental health services they need.

04/01/2016 By Erez Benari

The Set Table

A Taste of Nostalgia

As women’s lives change, what’s in store for the Ladies Auxiliary?

02/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff


Destination: Vancouver

The Chutzpah! Festival is just one of the many reasons to pack your passport this winter for a visit to the city with Canada’s third largest Jewish population.

02/01/2016 By David Volk

Geeking Out

Social Skills

Microsoft’s director of social media sees the value of networking in more ways than one.

02/01/2016 By Erez Benari

Jewish Connections

Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Advocating for Jewish Puget Sound at all levels of government

12/01/2015 Photography by Rachel Román

Best of the City

The Best of Jewish Washington

Kol hakavod to this year’s winners and featured picks!

12/01/2015 By Josh Furman, Emily K. Alhadeff, Boris Kurbanov, and Dan Aznoff

Best of the City

The Best of Jewish Food in Washington

"Don’t even bother getting them anywhere else! These are like the famous Montreal bagels with two tops!" — one happy Eltana customer

12/01/2015 By Josh Furman


Stuff It!

10/01/2015 By Erez Benari

Geeking Out

Good Genes

For Corinne Stroum, the future of health care lies in data.

10/01/2015 By Erez Benari


Peak Experiences

Where in the world is Gordon Janow?

08/01/2015 By Diana Brement

Geeking Out

App-etite for Community

Red Russak has the munchies for ideas.

08/01/2015 By Erez Benari