Surprise: You're Jewish

There’s never been a better time to be Jewish. It’s also never been easier to find out if you are.

12/16/2019 By Haley Shapley, Makena Mezistrano, Amber Dawn Hallet, and Naomi Tomky

Surprise: You're Jewish

Recreational Genetics Helps Us Understand Who We Are — and How We Want to Live

The rise of home DNA kits puts a new spin on identity.

12/16/2019 By Haley Shapley

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Meet the Jewish Candidates Vying for a Seat on the Seattle City Council (Part Two)

Homelessness, infrastructure, and a sense of neighborliness are top of mind for this year’s contenders.

07/16/2019 By Haley Shapley


Ben Gilbert Helps Start-Ups Start Up

Pioneer Square Labs incubates and launches good ideas.

04/15/2019 By Haley Shapley


Rachel Zerrell Uses Data to Make Amazon More Inclusive

Fighting systems of bias at Amazon and beyond

02/07/2019 By Haley Shapley


Myles Harlow Kahn's Colorful Career Takes a Green Turn

The entrepreneur's latest project is in the cannabis industry.

11/26/2018 By Haley Shapley

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Rachel Belle Combines Food and Story

The host of the Your Last Meal podcast has been launched to foodie fame.

10/23/2018 By Haley Shapley


A Serial Entrepreneur Remakes His Favorite Thing: Sweatpants

A classic man problem, solved.

09/04/2018 By Haley Shapley


Disordered Eating Makes the Holidays a Challenge

When fasting — and feasting — isn't spiritual.

08/28/2018 By Haley Shapley


Tech Support

Pogo brings carpooling to 21st-century parents.

06/25/2018 By Haley Shapley

The Technologist

Technion Talent

Israel's top-notch institute of technology has a thriving relationship with Seattle's tech scene.

06/25/2018 By Haley Shapley

The Entrepreneur

The Doctor Is In... Your Pocket

Robbie Cape brings health care to the people.

06/25/2018 By Haley Shapley


Jewish Visionaries Shaping Seattle

Local people and ideas changing the face of Seattle's social and intellectual landscape, from public health and policy reform to avocado toast in space.

06/25/2018 With Bridget Fox and Sharon * By Rachel Román, Haley Shapley, and Karin Vandraiss Edited by Emily K. Alhadeff


This Summer, Hit the Road in a Peace Van

And don't forget to Instagram it.

03/21/2018 By Haley Shapley


At 22, Jessica Markowitz Has Spent Half her Life Helping Rwandan Girls

Now in college, Markowitz is still running the organization she founded when she was 11.

02/14/2018 By Haley Shapley


Politics and Connectivity are Burning Us Out

Here's how to break the cycle.

12/05/2017 By Haley Shapley


Rusty Federman Has Perfected the Cheesecake

Look no further.

12/05/2017 By Haley Shapley


What's Next for Jessyn Farrell

Her bid for mayor may be over, but she has no plans to stop working for Seattle.

09/12/2017 By Haley Shapley

Best of Jewish Neighborhoods

Ravenna/Wedgwood: The Small Town

How could we not note this swath of northeast Seattle for its vibrant Jewish community, dating back to the 1950s?

12/01/2016 By Naomi Tomky


Deep Into the Brain

Technology from an Israeli company is changing the way depression is treated.

12/01/2016 By Haley Shapley