Surprise: You're Jewish

There’s never been a better time to be Jewish. It’s also never been easier to find out if you are.

12/16/2019 By Haley Shapley, Makena Mezistrano, Amber Dawn Hallet, and Naomi Tomky

Surprise: You're Jewish

Converso Identity Is Growing. But the Discovery Is Fraught with Challenge.

They claim lineage back to pre-Inquisition Spain, but formal documentation is hard to come by.

12/16/2019 By Makena Mezistrano

Fall Arts

Women on the Verge

Women are the focal point of a powerful 2019 fall arts season

09/23/2019 By Misha Berson, Makena Mezistrano, Emily K. Alhadeff, and Claire Butwinick


A New Documentary Follows Yiscah Smith's Returns to Jewish Community

"It was, if not more of, a spiritual transition than a gender transition."

09/23/2019 By Makena Mezistrano

Sonic Youth

Jamie Margolin

06/13/2019 By Makena Mezistrano

Sonic Youth

It's Not a Teenage Wasteland

How local teens are dealing with the world they are inheriting — and how they’re going to change it.

06/12/2019 By Claire Butwinick, Makena Mezistrano, and Emily K. Alhadeff Photography by Carlton Canary

Sonic Youth

It's Not Another Teenage Wasteland

How local teens are dealing with the world they are inheriting — and how they’re going to change it.

06/12/2019 By Makena Mezistrano, Claire Butwinick, and Emily K. Alhadeff

Sonic Youth

Nate Kantor

06/12/2019 By Makena Mezistrano


Preschools Make Hebrew a Priority

Two Seattle-area preschools embrace a bilingual curriculum.

04/15/2019 By Makena Mezistrano

Sound Off

When a Homeless Jewish Man Died Alone, a Community Stepped Up to Help

High school students helped perform the ultimate mitzvah.

04/15/2019 By Makena Mezistrano

Best of Jewish Neighborhoods

Rainier Valley: Hipsters and Hasids

On offer: semi-affordable housing, light-rail, five synagogues, and an eruv that extends from the shoreline on the east up to Martin Luther King Jr. Way on the west.

12/01/2016 By Naomi Tomky


Deep Into the Brain

Technology from an Israeli company is changing the way depression is treated.

12/01/2016 By Haley Shapley


9 Ways Israel is Changing Health

Leave it to the “startup nation” to be a leader in health tech.

08/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff


Make Healthcare Equal

Why are women treated differently in the doctor’s office?

08/01/2016 By Haley Shapley


Quantify Yourself

Analyzing our insides to provide better treatment options.

08/01/2016 By Corinne Stroum


Quiet Riot

Is an “unconscious” anti-Semitism seeping onto campuses?

08/01/2016 By Rachel Román

The Set Table

Rachel's Pumpkin Borekas

"Sephardic food is part of who I am. It is my family, my heritage, my spirit, my comfort, and my joy in nurturing people by sharing my food."

08/01/2015 By Olivia Brent

The Set Table

Jonny’s Pale Ale Braised Brisket

"Whenever I make a classic Jewish meal, I feel I am honoring my family’s heritage by keeping alive the traditions and values I grew up learning."

08/01/2015 By Olivia Brent

The Set Table

High Holiday Throwdown Recipes

Three local chefs dish about their holiday showstoppers.

08/01/2015 By Leah Jaffee, Rachel Almeleh, and Jonny Silverberg


The Shadow People

Homelessness is all around us —if we choose to see it. Sukkot is a good opportunity to open our eyes.

08/01/2015 By Emily K. Alhadeff