Destination: Vancouver

The Chutzpah! Festival is just one of the many reasons to pack your passport this winter for a visit to the city with Canada’s third largest Jewish population.

02/01/2016 By David Volk

Best of the City

The Best of Jewish Washington

Kol hakavod to this year’s winners and featured picks!

12/01/2015 By Josh Furman, Emily K. Alhadeff, Boris Kurbanov, and Dan Aznoff

Best of the City

The Best of Jewish Food in Washington

"Don’t even bother getting them anywhere else! These are like the famous Montreal bagels with two tops!" — one happy Eltana customer

12/01/2015 By Josh Furman

Sound Off

Double Portion


The Set Table

Rachel's Pumpkin Borekas

"Sephardic food is part of who I am. It is my family, my heritage, my spirit, my comfort, and my joy in nurturing people by sharing my food."

08/01/2015 By Olivia Brent

The Set Table

High Holiday Throwdown

Three local chefs dish about their holiday showstoppers.

08/01/2015 By Olivia Brent