"It Was Probably the Bravest Thing I've Ever Done."

Pediatrician Kim Schrier decided to run for Washington's 8th district — and won.

02/10/2020 By Haley Shapley

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Meet the Jewish Candidates Vying for a Seat on the Seattle City Council (Part One)

They're all jockeying toward the primaries in a crowded race.

07/16/2019 By Karin Vandraiss

Jewish Connections

Ambassador Dennis Ross Shares Insights on the Middle East in Seattle

The ambassador to Israel believes in peacebuilding over peacemaking.

02/07/2019 By Jim DiPeso


Politics and Connectivity are Burning Us Out

Here's how to break the cycle.

12/05/2017 By Haley Shapley

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After the Demonstration Is Over, You Can Still Be an Activist

How to influence politics without losing Facebook friends.

06/06/2017 By Tzippy Wiens

Jewish Journey

A Life of Activism, Inspired by a History of Kvetching Jews

Strange times calls for laughing through the tears.

06/06/2017 By Michael Stusser

Three Opinions

Should We Compare the Holocaust to Current Events?

History repeats itself — but analogies can desensitize us.

04/06/2017 By Michal Lotzker and Devin E. Naar


US-Mexico Relations Are Not Going South

The new head consul to Mexico in Seattle doesn’t think politics can wreck a good friendship.

02/09/2017 By Emily K. Alhadeff

Jewish Journey

The Moment Everything Changed

How the death of a leader changed the course of my life.

12/01/2016 By Rabbi Olivier BenHaim


Diplomacy in Action

Lessons from life in Switzerland.


News & Nosh

Editor's Note

As the darkest hours of winter set in, there will at least be one thing we can all agree on. That thing is doughnuts.

12/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff


Service & Jewish Life

Photos of our community in action.


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Our Promised Land

Is the American Jewish community fracturing over politics?

10/01/2016 Photography by Emily K. Alhadeff


Opinions on Dissent

Should we legislate against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement?

08/01/2016 By Hilary Bernstein and Hamutal Davis


Progress and Politics

Spurred to action, local Jews are leaders in social change.

04/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff


10 Ways Seattle Became a Jewish City

Those who dare dismiss Seattle as a not-very-Jewish city fail to consider its history.

04/01/2016 By Stuart Eskenazi, Dan Aznoff, Megan Hill, Pam Mandel, and Emily K. Alhadeff

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Feeling the Bern?

04/01/2016 By Emily K. Alhadeff

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Looking Ahead

As election season heats up, what issues matter most to American Jews?


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Not So Fishy